Eutelsat, OneAccess launches Ka-Sat Internet via satellite solution for enterprises

A partnership between Eutelsat Communications and OneAccess expressed its intention to provide businesses with a new performance-enhanced platform that will leverage the Ka-Sat High Throughput Satellite to deliver Internet via satellite services within a secure VPN environment. The two companies stated that their new satellite broadband solution will be able to match DSL in terms of service quality and price.


A One1520 satellite router has been developed by Eutelsat and OneAccess and dedicated to this new platform. The router can deliver downloads speeds of up to 20 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6 Mbps through the incorporation of integrated traffic acceleration, IP routing, and IP-VPN secure transport

Businesses that dispersed their offices across multiple networks critically need a fast and secure inter-branch communications network. The new high-speed Internet by satellite solution will enable the swift implementation and secure environment that private networks require for integrated backup and traffic offload solutions. And in addition to widening the range of enterprise services, it also promises decrease the total cost of ownership, making it more attractive to users and operators.

The Eutelsat-OneAccess satellite Internet solution will launch in March 2013.


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